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Qualzy is a  comprehensive online solution  for researchers that promotes   high levels of participant engagement,   and helps to  uncover deep insights   quickly  and  cost effectively.  It represents the culmination of more than 20 years developing online tools for researchers.

We at Qualzy believe that  a  successful research  project begins with choosing  the right tool  for the task,  which is why we offer different solutions for  three distinct types of Qualitative Research

Essentials Icon


Qualzy Essentials can be used for short-term community projects including pre-tasks, discussions, bulletin boards and forums that run for days or weeks.


Essentials line 1-2 Projects run for days or weeks
Essentials line 2-2Up to 200 Participants at no cost
Essentials line 3-2Unlimited moderators / observers
Essentials line 4-2Unlimited use of 15+ Activity Types
Essentials line 5-2Engagement tools
Essentials line 6-2Data tools
Essentials line 7-2Video tools (optional)

Focus Icon


Qualzy Connect can be used for long-term communities that run for months or years, and feature a custom designed site on a domain of your choice.


Projects IconProjects run for month or years
Participants IconAny number of participants
Moderators & Observers IconUnlimited moderators / observers
Activity Types IconUnlimited use of 15+ Activity Types
Engagement Tools IconEngagement tools
Data Tools IconData tools
Video Tools IconVideo tools (optional)

Connect Icon


Qualzy Focus projects are live online interactions with participants that can be used as an alternative to in-person focus groups and telephone interviews.


Essentials line 1-2Projects run for minutes or hours
Essentials line 2-2Up to 12 participants per group
Essentials line 3-2Unlimited moderators / observers
Essentials line 4-2Real-time pin tasks, surveys + more
Essentials line 5-2Real-time participant interaction
Essentials line 6-2Data tools
Essentials line 7-2Video tools


More DataW

We do everything we can to give you more data from which to gain deeper insights. Our base project pricing includes up to 200 participants. This is matched by no limits on the activities you conduct, or the images and video you collect.

More EngagementW

Participants are more active and engaged because they can respond on any device, and take more time to consider their responses. Projects can be run over days or weeks through a social media style interface that feels familiar and inviting.

More InsightW

It begins with unlimited tagging of respondents and posts, highlighting tools and integrated sentiment analysis. It ends with data that can be searched, filtered and grouped in ways that help you find and support valuable conclusions.

More ClientsW

Win proposals that contain innovative ways to collect data, using Qualzy to run the job. Exceed client expectations with unlimited live observer access to the project. Delight your clients with more informative and actionable results


In all kinds of research projects, researchers use Qualzy to involve a group of participants in an online series of activities - collecting opinions, testing hypotheses and generating new ideas. If you are looking for inspiration for your own projects, here are some of its most common uses:

Advertising Testing-1ADVERTISING TESTING

Campaign Effectiveness-1  CAMPAIGN EFFECTIVENESS

Concept Development-1  CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT

Customer Experience-1  CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CX)

Digital Journeys-1  DIGITAL JOURNEYS

Highlight Reels-1  HIGHLIGHT REELS

In-Store Observation-1  IN-STORE OBSERVATION

Mobile Ethnography-1  MOBILE ETHNOGRAPHY

Online Focus Groups-1  ONLINE FOCUS GROUPS

Projects in China-1  PROJECTS IN CHINA

Screen Recording-1  SCREEN RECORDING

Video Research-1  VIDEO RESEARCH

Webcam Interviews-1  WEBCAM INTERVIEWS

Branding Research-1BRANDING RESEARCH

Collaborative Innovation-1  COLLABORATIVE INNOVATION

Concept Development-1  CONCEPT SCREENING

Customer Journey Mapping-1  CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPING

Diary Studies-1  DIARY STUDIES

Employee Feedback-1  EMPLOYEE FEEDBACK

In Home Testing-1  IN-HOME TESTING

Insight Communities-1  INSIGHT COMMUNITIES

Multi-market Projects-1  MULTI-MARKET STUDIES

Qualitative Pre-tasks-1  QUALITATIVE PRE-TASKS

Usability Research (UX)-1  USABILITY TESTING (UX)

Web Usability Testing-1  WEB USABILITY TESTING 

+ Much More-1  + MUCH MORE


The Qualzy platform is loved by our clients for many reasons, but almost without exception, it is the support they receive that tops their list. We understand that Qualzy is like any other tool used by a researcher - without proper explanation, training and ongoing support the tool itself is of no value, regardless of how good it could be. 
Our support team is dedicated to providing everything you need to make your projects a success, and will be by your side every step of the way. Whether you want us to manage your entire project launch, or you just need some assistance along the way while manage everything yourself, our team will be there to ensure you get the best results possible.

Rachel O
Research Agency Owner

"Qualzy has been our constant companion for platform research projects, including pre- and post-tasks, and ethnographic studies. Their flexible interface has a wide range of tools and analytic options. They are great for national and global projects, and,most importantly, they offer the best support

Julie W
Research Director

"I’ve had some really great feedback from clients who have worked with me using their Live Chats. The platform presents the opportunity for participants to be honest and open. I couldn’t recommend Qualzy highly enough and really look forward to seeing what comes next in the ever evolving world of online research"

Anthony S-W
Research Director

"We have partnered with Qualzy for around 6 years, running multiple long-term communities, alongside hundreds of short-term communities along the way. We have developed a close partnership with the team over the years and we love the synergies created by the blend of their technology and our research expertise."

Anna B
Research Director

"We have worked with Qualzy on many different projects across many different categories. The insights we gain through using this platform and the tools within it, are invaluable. The brand mapping tool is a great way of understanding how consumers see brands and products within their category."

Suzy C
Senior Research Director

"We work regularly with Qualzy across an array of project types. They are efficient, agile and supportive in the set-up and management of projects and embrace new challenges and technical development requests with reassuring expertise. They’re a friendly and enthusiastic team who are a pleasure to work with."

Steph H
Research Director

"I know I’ve probably said this a million times but I am literally blown away by the quality of the support your team provides. You are miles apart from other platforms and have been fundamental in the success of the projects I have run this year. The platform is fab, but the support team make it sing"


In addition to engaging participants, Qualzy allows responses to be collected in a variety of ways. Participants can upload photos, audio, and video, as well as leave text comments. When more structured answers are required, a form with multiple question types, such as drop-down lists, choice selections, and ranking, can be used.

The most advanced activities, such as pin tasks and card sorting, use gamification and an engaging interface to elicit meaningful responses from participants. With the interface adapting to device limitations (such as small phone screens), all activities can be completed on any device.




















Collecting responses from participants is just the beginning. Qualzy makes it easy to browse, filter and group responses to ensure trawling through data is a joy rather than a burden. Tagging and highlighting tools allow you to annotate posts as you read them - making returning to the most revealing insights quick and easy.

While reading the raw responses can be enlightening, sometimes it pays to let the platform do some of the work for you. This is why we built advanced analysis capabilities into the platform - known as data tools and video tools.

Data Tools-1

Projects have access to data tools that analyse sentiment, identify themes, calculate statistics and much more - all in the pursuit of quickly uncovering valuable insights through the collation and summarisation of the raw responses.

Data  Tools Line 11 Summary Statistics
Video Tools Line 12Sentiment Analysis
Data  Tools Line 13Entity / Theme Identification
Data  Tools Line 14Score Mapping (for brands etc.)

Video Tools-1

For projects with video, we can transcribe what has been said and run sentiment analysis and theme identification. Interesting "clips" can be found and edited into a highlight reel that will give your presentations the “wow factor” clients love. 

Video Tools Line 11Video Transcription
Video Tools Line 12Sentiment Analysis
Video Tools Line 13Entity / Theme Identification
Video Tools Line 14Highlight Reel Generation