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Ninth Seat is one of the longest-running independent market research firms in the UK, conducting qualitative and quantitative research for some of the world’s biggest consumer packaged goods brands including Unilever, Nestlé and Mondelez. It helps brands steer decisions using insights from consumers around the world.
Qualzy has become an indispensable delivery partner helping Ninth Seat to build communities and gather rich and vivid consumer insights in real time, across multiple markets.
"Ninth Seat and Qualzy have a continuous relationship. I don’t think there’s any month where we don’t have an online community underway, or we don’t talk about a new one."

Dafydd Jones, Associate Director

Qualzy helps Ninth Seat by acting as its technical build partner, creating online projects around the world - and recognises the cost efficiency of having experts who know the platform backwards take on this stage.

"There are clear commercial benefits in having Qualzy do the build. The cost is very reasonable to set up our communities –it’s good value and frees up the rest of the team’s time to do other parts of their role.”

Andy Fraser, Senior Research Director

The company appreciates Qualzy's pay-per-project pricing philosophy 

Our projects don’t go on for months and months. We don’t want to be tied into something when Qualzy gives us the flexibility to run something for two days.

The relationship between Ninth Seat and Qualzy is characterized by strong collaboration and shared values. 

Communication with Qualzy is always great. Paul and other team-members give us updates regularly, and often come to our offices. They’re always open about how they are progressing the platform.