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Cookie Policy

This policy should be viewed as part of our overall Privacy Policy.

In this policy we use the term โ€œcookiesโ€ to refer to cookies and other similar technologies covered by the EU Directive on privacy in electronic communications.


A cookie is a piece of information contained in a very small text file that is stored in your Internet browser or elsewhere on your hard drive. Cookies allow a website to identify a user's device whenever that user returns to the website and are commonly used in order to make websites work more efficiently and enrich the user experience, as well as to provide information to the owners of the site.


We use these cookies for a variety of reasons, most commonly to distinguish you from other users of our websites and to help us compile aggregate statistics about usage of our websites. We also use cookies to help us provide you with a positive experience when you use our website, help improve our content, and to personalize your visit.

When you visit our Site, our servers record:

  • Your IP Address
  • The Date and Time the site was accessed
  • The time it took to load the page
  • The number of bytes sent/received by the server
  • The URL used to access the site
  • the type of browser used and its operating system (collectively called "clickstream data").

If we or any authority suspect that unauthorised access or use of the Site has occurred or may occur or be attempted, we may gather, use and disclose more extensive information than indicated above regarding access or attempted access to the Site for the purposes of prevention, detection, investigation or prosecution.

WEBCREATORSUITE.CO.UK USE OF HTML EMAIL MESSAGES may also use links embedded in HTML-formatted email messages and are ordinarily not visible to users. Like cookies, this technology enables us to track email content accessed and viewed by users on Using these links allows us to determine whether emails have been opened or links were accessed, and identify aggregate trends, individual usage, and generate statistics about how our site is used. This enables us to provide our users with more relevant content or additional information about our services.


The nature of the cookies that we utilize are integral to the design of the web site and application. It would not be possible to make use of our web site and web application without using the cookies. Therefore, if you are unable to use cookies or do not wish to use cookies you will not be able to use In that case we recommend you remove cookies for this site and choose a different platform.


The table below is a list of the main cookies set by websites. We also are providing both the purpose and the name of each cookie. Please note that we may from time to time modify or update our cookies. When that happens, we will update this list accordingly.




Secure Session

The ASP.NET Session cookie is used to maintain your secure session and the use of the session cookie reduces the need for to transfer your information over the Internet.


Cookie Consent

This cookie is used to hold the consent status of consenting to use of cookies on If you decline cookies we will attempt to remove all the cookies we have placed on your browser (including this one).



These cookies are used to provide CAPTCHA functionality and are only used when creating a new Account with For this functionality we use a 3rd party component provided by Google. The Privacy policy can be found here and the terms of service can be found here. This functionality is required to protect the site from bots and other malicious activities.


Account Name

This cookies helps us to remember the name of the account you are logged into or registering with.


Access Token

This cookie is used for access to our API and is required for core site functionality.


Browse Filters

These cookies are used only for saving your filtered results so the next time you load the page your view will be filtered just like it was when you left it last. [code] is referring to a unique code for this browse, there may be multiple of these cookies and they will expire in approximately 1 month from the time they are created.



You can control acceptance of cookies by modifying your Internet browser preferences. You have the ability to accept all cookies, to be notified when a cookie is set or to reject all cookies. Please note that, if you choose to block all cookies you will not be able to access all or part of our site and may be unable to use those services or engage in activities that require the placement of cookies. Each browser has different methods to search for, disable and remove cookies and they frequently change. Please review your browsers documentation for steps to change your browser cookie settings. You may find the information for your specific browser and operating system configuration here.