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A graphic which represents the ideation solutions available within the Qualzy platform

Ideation is a creative process that involves the creation and ranking of ideas. The goal is to come up with one or more “winning ideas” from those that have been proposed.


"Participants get into a real ‘designer’ mindset during ideation and love reading and improving upon one another’s ideas, so that we end up with some fantastic consumer-centric concepts and ideas for ways forward."

Jennifer Whittaker | Qualiprojects

The entire ideation process is facilitated through an “Idea” activity. You can add one or more of these into a Qualzy project, surrounded by the other activity types commonly found in a short-term community (social posts, pin tasks, video uploads etc.).

Laptop showing Ideation voting on Qualzy platform
Laptop showing Ideation voting on Qualzy platform
Iphone displaying ideation ranking stgage

Idea activities differ from other activities because they do much more than simply collect thoughts and opinions; they manage the complete ideation process, which is made up of three stages.

Stage 1: Idea Collection

The first step in the ideation process is the creation of the ideas themselves. These ideas are usually created by participants but there is an option for client ideas to be added as well. This allows clients to mix their ideas in with participants’ ideas, or in some cases provide all of the ideas they want to test with no participant creation.

Example: A nationwide grocery chain wants to create a new rewards card that appeals to younger buyers. A community of young people are asked to create a rewards card that would have benefits that appeal to them. 

Stage 2: Idea Finalist Selection

This is the point in the process where the moderator and client can sift through the raw ideas provided by participants. Some ideas can usually be picked without modification for inclusion in the finalist list. Other ideas may have potential but need to be edited into a “polished” form ready to become a finalist. If the client has some specific ideas they wish to test of their own, they would be added at this point.

Example: Participants come up with various ideas for the rewards card for the national grocery chain, with a percentage discount on all purchases being one of the most common suggestions. The moderator edits and merges these similar ideas into a single rewards card idea that provides a 5% discount for all purchases when the rewards card is used. This process is repeated for other good ideas.

Stage 3: Voting on Ideas

Each participant is given a certain number of total “upvotes” that they can place against their preferred ideas. Multiple upvotes can be given – so more votes can be given to ideas they really like, with fewer votes to ideas that are just “ok”. An explanation of why they have voted for an idea is included with their vote. Once all votes have been used, their response is complete.

Example: Participants are given a total of 10 upvotes for them to choose their favourite reward card ideas. Up to 5 upvotes may be given to a single idea, so if they love something, they can give to idea half of their total votes. An optional single down-vote is added to allow people to indicate if they particularly dislike a certain idea.



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