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Feeling Mutual is an independent qualitative research consultancy run by qual veteran, Tom Woodnutt. Tom has been working with Qualzy since 2021 and uses our platform to power much of the agile innovation research methodology for which the consultancy is known.

Qualitative research methods must keep adapt to the increasing pace of change driven by technological innovation and the demands of digital.  In this case study, Tom explains how Qualzy helps him delivering insights with the agility that today’s innovation clients demand.


"Ultimately, Qualzy gives me peace of mind. It takes the stress away knowing that I have a technology platform that works really well, and support that is flexible enough to deal with the unexpected and meet the time pressures that come with agile innovation." 

Tom Woodnutt, Managing Director, Feeling Mutual


Using Qualzy enables Feeling Mutual to not only serve fast-moving markets such as electric vehicle development and banking innovation, but also work in a highly-engaged way with online research participants. In this case study, Tom outlines how he can use Qualzy to:

  • Gain feedback from real-world context without the time or recall limitations of traditional face-to-face methods – timely, detailed and authentic.
  • Gain greater depth with less bias than can come from feedback delivered within groups, so the way people describe experiences can be more trusted.
  • Deliver useful insights and apply them to concepts rapidly, within agile workflows, using Qualzy tools that help stakeholders identify and evaluate responses easily.
  • Work effectively and with fewer worries about running concurrent multi-market studies

A strong relationship has been established between Tom and his key contact, Adam. He helps Tom get the very best out of Qualzy on every project, select the right tools and use the power of the platform to the maximum.

"I need a really responsive partner. The Qualzy team helps me keep up with the frantic pace of innovation and agile project development by being proactive and flexible in the service offered.

Tom has been impressed with how Qualzy moved swiftly to capture the value potential of AI. In fact, he has presented with Qualzy on the topic several times, including at a collaborative industry event in early 2023 which sought the views of 150 qualitative researchers from around the world.

“Qualzy was early to ride the wave of generative AI innovation, quickly developing tools that help researchers do their work more easily. It is making the platform more useful, not just using AI for the sake of it.”

Tom has all the operational support he needs from the Qualzy team and knows he can rely on the platform to support any project requirement – even when the pressure is on, the timeline very tight, or the demand is complex.

“Qualzy’s tools and support services help us to be as agile as our innovation clients demand.”




"We have worked with Qualzy on many different projects across many different categories. The insights we gain through using this platform and the tools within it, are invaluable. The brand mapping tool is a great way of understanding how consumers see brands and products within their category."



"We work with Qualzy across an array of project types. They are efficient, agile and supportive in the set-up and management of projects and embrace new challengestechnical development requests with reassuring expertise. They’re a friendly and enthusiastic team who are a pleasure to work with."



"I’ve had some really great feedback from clients who have worked with me using their Live Chats. The platform presents the opportunity for participants to be honest and open. I couldn’t recommend Qualzy highly enough and really look forward to seeing what comes next in the ever evolving world of online research"



"We have partnered with Qualzy for around 6 years, running multiple long-term communities, alongside hundreds of short-term communities along the way. We have developed a close partnership with the team over the years and we love the synergies created by the blend of their technology and our research expertise."