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Flume is an independent research agency that works hard to make brands easier to think of, buy and use by crafting qualitative and quantitative research projects that really engage with consumers. It has been using Qualzy since April 2017. However, when the pandemic drove a need for fresh ways to connect with research participants online, its use of the Qualzy platform grew rapidly. Since 2019 it has delivered more than 50% of its qualitative research projects online and relies on Qualzy to provide the tools and capabilities to create and optimise those projects.


Our platform must be as fluid as our projects, because no two projects are ever the same. Qualzy is fantastic at providing this kind of fluid partnership. As an agency end user, we can set up so many amazing tools.” 

Debbie Newbould, Managing Director, Flume


Using Qualzy, the Flume research team can

  • Establish long term online research communities, and refresh them with new participants
  • Scale projects as required and reach as many consumers as it needs, wherever they are
  • Build rich insights into buyer’s lives through posts, feedback, videos and more
  • Connect with consumers of any age, who find it the platform intuitive and easy to use

“The Qualzy interface is just so easy that we never need to worry. We have platform users aged from 17 to 70. Qualzy is so intuitive that we get fantastically rich content from them.”

Qualzy enables participants to engage whenever they wish and in the way they find comfortable giving Flume a real time insight into consumers’ real lives that they could not otherwise gain – along with powerful analytic capabilities that help it tag, filter, analyse and manage the larger quantities of data this generates.

“It reveals quality intelligence that helps clients make business decisions confidently and turn our findings into action.”

Flume now sees Qualzy as integral to how the agency works and the services it offers. Its effective use of the platform supported its award-winning work in 2022, via West Midlands Tech Award.

“Working together we will do even more award-winning work. Qualzy is now part of our pitch to new clients, who truly value seeing things through consumers’ eyes.”




"We have worked with Qualzy on many different projects across many different categories. The insights we gain through using this platform and the tools within it, are invaluable. The brand mapping tool is a great way of understanding how consumers see brands and products within their category."



"We work with Qualzy across an array of project types. They are efficient, agile and supportive in the set-up and management of projects and embrace new challengestechnical development requests with reassuring expertise. They’re a friendly and enthusiastic team who are a pleasure to work with."



"I’ve had some really great feedback from clients who have worked with me using their Live Chats. The platform presents the opportunity for participants to be honest and open. I couldn’t recommend Qualzy highly enough and really look forward to seeing what comes next in the ever evolving world of online research"



"We have partnered with Qualzy for around 6 years, running multiple long-term communities, alongside hundreds of short-term communities along the way. We have developed a close partnership with the team over the years and we love the synergies created by the blend of their technology and our research expertise."